Herbal Supplements for Men’s Sexual Health

Sexual dysfunction is a major problem to most men. It is caused by many factors such as hormonal problems,smoking and performance anxiety in men. As a result, a lot of men are looking for effective and safe ways to increase their sperm count. Nature has afforded a solution to most of these problems. There are several herbs that have been tested and processed to produce herbal supplements that help in fixing men sexual disorders. Most of these herbs do not interfere with the normal body functions. Some of these recommended herbs are discussed below.


It is also referred to as ‘Indian ginseng’.  This herb is mostly used in herbal supplements for premature ejaculation. It consists of natural steroids that help in improving sexual vigor and stamina. Withania improves the functioning of nerves hence preventing infertility.


This herb is also found in supplements meant to help with premature ejaculation. It controls nervousness, excitement and emotions during sex hence preventing premature ejaculation. It is widely known to be effective in delaying ejaculation hence prolonging sex.



It is also called Fructus cnidii. Cnidium is a potent sexual simulator. It improves virility and enhances powerful erections by improving blood circulation to the penis. Its often used as a sex drive simulator and to treat impotency. It has an impact in the well being of the testicles and prostate glands. It increases nitric oxides level that helps in giving longer and harder erections.

GINSENG (Radix ginseng)

It has the active constituent Ginsenoside. Its the most known Chinese herb well known for its ability to stimulate mental and physical activity. It has strengthening properties of increasing efficiency. It also reduces fatigue leading to increased sex performance.


It is also referred to as Herbia cistanches. Its active constituent is Iridoli,Phenylpropenoid glycocide. It is important in increasing sexual drive and ability and rejuvenating kidney toxic. It is used in treating weakness of muscles and bones and impotence in men.


Its active constituent is Astragalosides. It is commonly used by Chinese herbalists. It is invigorating and warming hence aids in blood circulation,dilates peripheral, strengthens the heart and enhances micro-circulation resulting in improved penile erection.. By stimulating the immune system, it increases endurance and stamina hence helping in treating infertility in men.

CLOVES (Flos caryophyll)

Cloves have been important in treatment of impotence and replenishing of energy to the kidneys. Kidneys have been found to be essential in prevention of impotence , premature ejaculation weaker bladder and low sperm count.

The above herbs have been used directly or processed to produce herbal supplements to treat sexual disorders in men. They are effective when used in the correct proportions. The most important thing is to understand their mode of extraction and combination since most can be used as a combination based on need. The secret in good health lies in the plants found in nature so utilize them.

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