The Cause of Loss of Libido in Women

Men and women are wired very differently and this is probably the most obvious when it comes to sex and their sex drives.  The female sex drive is complicated to say the least and when there are issues it can be very difficult to diagnose the crux of the problem.  Men can easily become sexually aroused by nudity whereas women…not so much.  Women definitely notice nudity but their sex drive requires a psychological approach along with the physical.  Finding the cause of loss of libido in women is far more challenging than in men.

Loss of Libido in Women

When a woman losses her passion and sexual desire it can lead to issues between couples, since men rely on a woman’s sexual appetite to make their sex life complete and fulfilling.  There are plenty of reasons that lead to a woman’s loss of passion and they can be either physical, psychological or a combination of both.  Loss of sex drive can be caused by exhaustion, medication, depression and hormonal causes.  Here is a look at some of the causes of a woman’s loss of libido.

Finding Solutions

Medical science has been trying to reach a solution to the problem but unfortunately it hasn’t garnered the same attention as male’s sexual health.  There are treatments available that include therapy, supplements and education for both sexes on the female libido.  You can turn the situation around rather quickly with therapy and other treatments.  However neglecting the problem can make it even worse and threaten your relationship with your partner.

Physical Aspects of the Problem

When women are aroused their bodies produce a natural lubricant in the vagina that makes sexual penetration easier and more comfortable by reducing friction. In women who are of child bearing age it also helps make the body more receptive to sperm cells.  Woman who don’t produce a natural lubricant can find sex painful and uncomfortable and be disinclined to participate in sexual activities.

Vaginal dryness can be cause by a number of factors including, stress, menstrual cycle, menopause along with childbirth and nursing.  There are solutions, first you can try vaginal lubricants to help with the vaginal dryness and try female libido creams to help with stimulation.

Psychological Aspects

Emotional stress can also affect a woman’s libido and this is one of the biggest causes of problems between couples.  Women who are suffering from a loss of libido caused by emotional stress are often trying to juggle a million things at once.  That saps their energy along with their sex drives.  One of the best ways to restore your libido is to try and get sufficient rest, a healthy diet and communication with their partner.

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